Between the River and the Heights

Between the River and the Heights are a selection of works done between 2004 and 2009. The title refers to the location of my studio in Kurrajong Hills. All the works are acrylic on polyester and range in size form 170 cm x 151 cm to the multi panel works where each panel measures 160 cm x 65 cm.

The drawings are ink and charcoal.
I find that by being in a particular landscape and walking, drawing and observing all the nuances a sense of that place will percolate through the paintings.In some I wanted the feeling of extended space that would conjure up the immensity of the mountains,sky,atmosphere and land all incorporated in the flow of the paint and in others they reflect something else entirely as in Marie Therese(1), the Duchess(after Goya), Lao tsu (4) and Requiem.These works have become like Zen exercises where it is about the rightness of the moment.The process is hugely physical and more like a performance:the paintings are twirled and tossed, painted horizontally and vertically,taken in and out of the studio depending on the strength of the sunlight, the humidity and temperature.’Thinking of Arthur’s Skate’ completed during a residency at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon won the Artlink Prize at Mosman Gallery.