‘heath paintings 2014

The ‘heath Paintings’ have been produced in a new studio in the Blue Mountains, where painter Julie Harris is based. The area has had a profound influence on these new works and Harris continues to explore her interest in the processes of abstraction and abstract space.These are a selection of new works from the Blackheath Studio with some being shown at The Hughes Gallery 2014.
From Pamela Hansford, a Sydney based art writer: “On the surface Julie Harris’ paintings have an accidental aspect to them not unlike Ralph Balson’s matter paintings or the poured paintings of Dale Frank.She loves to explore textural effects and the automatic techniques of pouring and trailing paint where the paint is enjoyed for its material qualities. Using principles of indeterminacy Harris creates multiple layers that grow only to disappear, fracture then reassemble into a solid surface.
Many of harris’ paintings are also a celebration of the joy of painting itself and she is very much one of those artists who speak their relationship to the world through the studio, the medium of paint and the history of painting itself.